Essential Impact LLC is a consulting agency dedicated to supporting nonprofit leaders. From start-up support to success coaching, Essential Impact connects individuals with the tools necessary to effectively grow within the nonprofit sector.



Essential Impact LLC is a rare organization that is dedicated to the advancement of nonprofit organizations. We are committed to developing high-quality, professional leaders and will provide coaching directly from experienced, educated coaches. 

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Our Mission: To provide the next generation of nonprofit leaders with the knowledge, skills, support, and resources needed to be effective in the nonprofit sector. 


Carly E. Hill, MEd, MNO

Founder & CVO

Carly is a nonprofit expert with over 10 years of experience in the sector. She specializes in creating and ramping up new initiatives and creating sustainable, data-driven organizational structures. Above all else, she is most passionate about uplifting her community through service.

"The nonprofit sector is critical for the advancement of our society. We are helping to meet needs and solve problems that would not otherwise be addressed by the for-profit sector. Because of this, it is my goal to help as many people as I can to do it right." - Carly E. Hill

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